50th Birthday Party Ideas

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50th Birthday Party Ideas 

50th birthday party ideasAre you looking for 50th Birthday Party Ideas?

You have come to the right place.  We have everything you need for the perfect adult 50th Birthday Party right here. 

On this website we will provide for you many unique and fun 50th Birthday Party Ideas.

We will help you with suggestions and information on invitations, supplies, decorations, games, food, gift ideas and complete party planning. A person only turns 50 once and it is a very special birthday- so let’s get to work and help you make it the most memorable 50th party ever.

If you are looking for great 50th birthday gift ideas, here's another page on this site where we give you a number of creative and unique gift suggestions.

For the person that is turning 50, they have lived enough years that there is a lot to draw from in terms of ideas or themes. The best suggestion is always to think about what they really like and try to build a theme around that. We will give you a number of ideas that will help your creative juices.

Here is a sample of the more popular adult 50th Birthday Party ideas in 2009. When you find one that interests you just click on it and you will be taken to a separate page that provides lots of ideas on how to throw a party for that theme.

Disco Party

Prepare to “boogy down” to the tunes of groups like the Bee Gees along with afros, wide lapels, clingy dresses, gold chains and more at 70’s themed disco party.

Beatles Invasion Party

Using the songs written by John, Paul, George and Ringo you can have a great party and return to the days when the long haired boys from Liverpool invaded America and changed the music scene forever.

Fishing (or Hunting) Party

You will return to the great outdoors with hunting or fishing party. For the outdoor sportsman you can recreate their favorite hobby in a theme that everyone will enjoy.

Bowling Party

For the bowling enthusiast a theme party around bowling will be lots of fun. In fact if you have the Wii Sports game you and your guests can even bowl in your living room.

Luau Party

A luau party with everything tropical, complete with palm trees, tiki lanterns, island music, mai tais in coconuts and hula skirts will transport you and your guests to the Hawaiian Islands.

Surfing Party

Break out the flip flops, Hawaiian shirts and surf boards and be ready to dance to the Beach Boys in this fun summer party theme.

Mardi Gras Party

Bring on the beads, the jazz and the Cajun food and the party atmosphere during this fun time of year in New Orleans.

Nascar Party

Nascar racing is a sport that has enjoyed by young and old. If your 50 year old is a NASCAR fan bring the racing pit crew and the cars for a fun party that will simulate the day of the big race.

Casino Night Party

If you can’t go to Las Vegas, why not bring the casino and all your favorite games like black jack , craps and roulette home for this theme that is everybody’s favorite for a 50th birthday party.

Hollywood Red Carpet Party

Your guests will dress as their favorite movie star and all the glamour of Hollywood will be a part of this exciting party.

Haight Ashbury Hippie Party

Long hair, tie dyed tee shirts, smiling faces, and peace signs will be the decorations for this “love- in” hippy party.

Pirate and Wenches Party

You and your guests will be walking the plank and swabbing with this pirate and wenches party theme.

Over the Hill Party

Yes some people still want to make it as if 50 is the end of the road and host an over the hill party.

James Bond Party

Suspense, intrigue and just imagine the costumes that are possible with this exciting party theme for a 50th birthday party.

Black and White Party

Elegant and fashionable, everything will be black and white at this 50th theme party.

Around the World Beer Party

You and your guests will celebrate and enjoy beers from around the world at this party where everyone will bring a beer from different countries.

Mexican Fiesta Party

Bring all the fun and games and drinks of the Latin world this party. Cactus, margaritas, nachos and the magarena dance will be popular at this party.

These are just a sample of the many 50th Birthday parties ideas we have for you. Look through our website for all the help you will need in selecting and putting together the perfect 50th Birthday Party.