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Party Rentals

Here are tips on how to select the right company for your party rentals.

If you have the responsibility of putting together a 50th birthday party you are probably looking for 50th birthday party ideas and will take all the help you can get.

You want the event to be special.  Selecting the right company for your party rentals will be very important.

You want to make sure the company you select will be dependable and won’t let you down. Your decision on which company to use for your party rentals can make or break your party.

Here is help on what to look for in selecting a good party rental company.

Customer Service

Looking for a company that offers good, better yet, excellent customer service should be at the top of your list. How you are treated and the level of customer service you are given when you are researching party rental companies is very important. It will tell you a lot about how you will be treated when you are an actual customer. Pay attention to how knowledgeable the person representing the company is. How enthusiastic are they? Do they seem like they genuinely want your business. If there is a professional approach to customer service that is a good start.


The next thing you need to check for is reliability. The company you chose must be reliable and dependable. They have to come through with what is promised. There are two ways to check up on this. The first is to ask they straight up “Can you give me examples that will assure me you are a reliable and dependable company?” If you are comfortable with their answer, that is a good beginning.

Now ask for references. A reputable company will not have any problem in giving you references you can call. There is no better way to learn about a company than by calling someone that has used their service before. Call more than one reference and ask all your questions. This should be a big help in you decide if they are reliable.


It is very important to learn about the newness and quality of their equipment and products. In this business party rental equipment like tables and chairs can get pretty mistreated. You want to be dealing with a company that has high quality equipment that looks good and is in good operating condition. Ask if you can look over their chairs and tables. You want to see their condition and observe how old or new they are, are they bent or broken? The last thing you want is to be embarrassed by having inferior equipment at your important party.

Delivery and Pickup

Here is an area that a lot of people take for granted and that can be a big mistake. You want to ask how the party rentals company will handle the pick-up and delivery of their equipment. Make sure you get everything in writing. You don’t want a company that will just dump everything off on your driveway and do this at the last minute so you have to rush to set it all up.

Be sure to only work with a company that will agree to do the set up for you. Ask if there are any charges for this. Agree on a time so that delivery and setup is done early enough so other is no panic and rush. You want plenty of time to be able to set up the other decorations.

Make sure everything is very clearly stated for pick up. What will your responsibilities be? Will they agree to a time for pick up?


Now that you have talked with a few companies, you probably are starting to get a few ideas on prices. The best advice here is not to go with any company that seems like a surprisingly low bargain. The expression, you get what you pay for” is usually very close to the mark. These will be companies that may not invest in new equipment and offer questionable service. This is a special occasion and you can’t run the risk of there being problems so stay away from the low price company.
Bye the same token, the highest price company is generally not your best deal. Usually the best company will be found somewhere in the middle ion terms of price. Make sure you ask if there might be any hidden charges you have not been made aware of.

Sometimes companies will adjust their price down if you let them advertise (tastefully) at your event.

Design Help

Some of the companies that do party rentals will offer to help with design and lay-out. You tell them what size space you have, how many people you have coming, your budget and they will help you with a design that for your party so it will be set-up a very efficient manner. Some companies offer this service up at no extra charge.