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50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Looking for the 50th birthday gift ideas? Here is a list of very unique gift ideas for the most special 50th birthday gift ever.

If you are struggling with 50th birthday gift ideas you are not alone. 

 By the time a person has reached this milestone age they probably have just about everything you can think of. 

Take a look at these unique ideas for 50th birthday party ideas for gifts gifts.  If one looks interesting just click on the link in blue to be taken to the company site.

Award Winning Wines

Award-Winning Wine delivered right to the door, makes a very special 50th birthday gift.  This is one of the most popular wine companies on the Internet.  Every month experts at this company screen hundreds of wines and they are put before consumer tasting panels to vote for the best ones--the winners are what are featured. The prices are affordable and the selections are extensive.

Adventure Gift Experiences

Talk about different, unique and memorable, this company offers up a variety of exciting gift ideas ranging from driving a real NASCAR stock car, hot air ballooning, swimming with sharks, fight pilot training, white water rafting, skydiving and more. This company specializes in turning dreams into exciting and very real gift experiences.

Things You Never Knew Existed

Still looking for that perfect 50th birthday gift? You might just find it here, at this site called “Things You Never Knew Existed”. Here is assembled the largest collection of “really different” gift ideas ever put together. If you can’t find something for the person who has everything here—then it probably doesn’t exist.
Fresh Live Lobster

Here’s a company that suggests as the perfect 50th birthday gift, fresh live lobster. They will have it delivered right to the door and guarantee they offer the “best deal on the Internet”. They also have a variety of other tasty seafood products for delivery.

Picture Memories

Celebrating life's memories with pictures is always a thoughtful and cherished gift, especially for a milestone birthday like the 50th. Here's a company that makes unique and special gifts with your most memorable pictures.

Gag and Novelty Gifts

If you are looking for a little fun in the form of a gag gift--we've got just the place. This company was recently featured on NBC's Today Show and has the most unique collection of outrageous pranks, t-shirts, practical jokes, funny novelty and gag gifts assembled online. If your fifty year old has a sense of humor this is where you should take a look.

Gourmet Steaks

When only the best will do, gourmet steaks by Omaha Steaks is a unique and delicious gift that will be appreciated and savored. You can choose from a variety of steaks and packages here.

Design-Your-Own Tee Shirt

If you are creative and want to design a customized tee shirt for your 50 year old here's a great place. they have lots of selections to choose from or you can make your own and say what ever you want on the tee shirt.

Home Brew Beer Kit

Mr. Beer is the World's #1 Home Micro Brewery. They sell complete where you can brew your own beer from home.  If your soon to be 50 year old is a beer lover, this is an extremely creative, fun and affordable gift idea. You can select from a variety of home brewing kits here.

Gourmet Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Gourmet chocolates or a chocolate gift basket is a delicious present for any occasion, especially for a 50th birthday. Here’s a company with one of the largest selections online.

Birthday Flowers

Flowers always make a special 50th birthday gift. But how can you be sure if the florist you are using is a good one? Well this company was selected by CBS News as one of the best online companies to buy flowers from.